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  • Laser Drill Hole - A hole made in a diamond by laser drilling.
    This technique is used to reach a black pique in order to bleach it (with acid) and improve the look and clarity of the stone. However, as this is a treatment, it materially (negatively) impacts the value of the diamonds.
  • Laser Inscription - labs inscribe the grading report or certificate number on a diamond's girdle.
    Using a laser, labs can inscribe the grading report or certificate number (or client reference) on a diamond's girdle. This has no impact on the diamond's value, but makes it easier to identify the diamond.
  • Lizard Skin - wavy area on the surface of the diamond (that looks like lizard skin!)
  • Loupe - a small, handheld magnifying glass used to view diamonds.
    A 10x loupe is standard, but other powers are available (14x, 20x, etc.)
  • Lower Girdle Facet - Triangular facets just below the girdle.
  • Luster - the quality of shining by reflecting light from the surface of a diamond.
  • Irradiated Diamond - a diamond exposed to radiation to alter its color to a fancy color.