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The Asscher-cut was developed during the early 1900's when the Rotary Diamond Saw revolutionized modern diamond cutting. It is generally described as the forerunner to the emerald-cut. It is a square shaped diamond fashioned with "step-cut" (long flat) facets. It is sometimes referred to as a square emerald. The Asscher features dramatic cut corners and is extremely symmetrical. A well-cut Asscher diamond therefore can deliver more brilliance and dispersion than most modern cuts. This shape has a pavilion that is cut with rectangular facets in the same style as the emerald-cut. Similar to an emerald-cut, inclusions and color tinting are more easily noticeable through the crisp clear look of the Asscher. If you are looking for a sleek, classic, and elegant design that portrays that natural beauty of the diamond as none other, the Asscher-cut diamond is for you.

Length-to-Width Ratio for Asscher-cut Diamonds: