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At Palak Diam, we touch millions of lives. Therefore, we aim to align our business goals with social values. We believe that our community and its people have been instrumental in making us reach the level we are at today, and thankfully we aim to give back to the community and its people. We are regularly involved in dozens of philanthropic activities throughout the year, including charitable donations, food drives, college and high school sponsorships, community service events, religious contributions to name a few. We also strive to ensure a safe society and promote a clean environment through our focus on community and education.


At Palak Diam, we take pride in our environment conservation program, which aims to minimize pollution through recycling and waste management. To reduce impact of our actions on the environment, we have invested in eco-friendly technologies such as non-polluting manufacturing systems at our factories.

At Palak Diam, we strongly support and believe in children as the future of our nation. Palak Diam has contributed significantly towards education, as well as healthcare facilities within India. Among other social initiatives, Palak Diam has contributed towards the improvement of lives of underprivileged women, children and victims of natural and manmade disasters. We are actively involved in projects related to preservation of natural habitat for animals and eco-friendly projects for improving the quality of life in cities.

Palak Diam prides itself in having each and every officer, employee, and directors involved in philanthropic activities. Palak Diam is always open to getting involved in new community service activities or donations, so please contact Palak Diam for any suggestions or ideas.