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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q 1. Who is Palak Diam?

Palak Diam is the largest buyer of breakout and melee diamonds in the United States today. We are a family-owned and operated business dating back to 1935. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Palak Diam has only one motto by which it operates: "Our clients come first, always…"An organization with over 80 years and eight decades of hard work and integrity, we have grown from a single office into a global leader today with over 12 offices worldwide, establishing ourselves as the global leader in diamonds.

Q 2. What does Palak Diam Buy?

Palak Diam buys any and all types of diamonds. Palak Diam buys breakouts, melees, loose, recycled, leftover, broken, chipped, burnt, closeouts, large, certified, and small diamonds. Palak Diam will buy any size, and quantity, any shape, and any quality. As long as it is a diamond, Palak Diam will buy it.

Q 3. If I sell my diamonds to Palak Diam, when will I get paid?

Immediately upon sale! Once you and Palak Diam agree on the prices, Palak Diam will pay you within 24 hours. With Palak Diam, you are assured a hassle-free transaction with prompt accuracy.

Q 4. Are your diamonds 'conflict-free'?

Yes, they are. All diamonds sold by Palak Diam are guaranteed to be conflict-free.

Q 5. Do you buy/sell and do business with private individuals or only do business the industry trade?

We are exclusively wholesale and do business only with the diamond related industry.

Q 6. How is my package shipped?

For packages valued under US $50, 000, we typically use FedEx with full insurance coverage. Packages over US $50, 000 or International shipments are shipped with full armored couriers, such as Malca-Amit or Brinks. To track your package, please contact our shipping department and we will alert you right away with an update.

Q 7. Where is Palak Diam Located?

Palak Diam is among the world's leading diamond organizations, with offices located across the globe. Our headquarters are in Los Angeles, CA. Our contact information is listed below: Palak Diam, Inc.
550 South Hill Street
Suite 880
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Office: +1-213-228-0077
Fax: +1-213-622-4038