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My name is Ankur Savani, and I am the president of Palak Diam, Inc. Let me be the first to welcome you to our website! Palak Diam is the largest buyer of breakout and melee diamonds in the United States today. We are a family-owned and operated business dating back to 1935. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Palak Diam has only one motto by which it operates: "Our clients come first, always…"An organization with over 80 years and eight decades of hard work and integrity, we have grown from a single office into a global leader today with over 12 offices worldwide, establishing ourselves as the global leader in diamonds.

As you visit our website today, I would to note that we aim to serve two purposes: One is to provide the best returns for our clients when they sell their diamonds to Palak Diam, while also insuring we provide excellent and honest service. And our second aim is to ensure that our clients are fully informed and educated when making their business decision. I personally feel that 'Education is Power', and Palak Diam wants to give that power to you. Understanding more about diamonds will better enable you to be more successful in the marketplace. Education doesn't cost you anything, but if you don't learn about the components of a diamond, it could cost you a bundle in lost profits! Your goal should be to approach the industry as a well-informed professional.

Thank you again for visiting our website, and we hope to do business with you!


Ankur Savani
Palak Diam, Inc.