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The princess-cut diamond has quickly become the most popular fancy shaped diamond in the United States. Its beautiful brilliance and unique cut makes it a favorite for engagement rings. The original princess cut was invented by Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz in the early 1980s. It is a four-sided brilliant cut faceted diamond with sharp, uncut corners. The brilliant cut diamond utilizes vertically fashioned facets that bring out extraordinary fire and scintillation from within the diamond itself. Traditionally cut square, the princess-cut diamond, comes cut rectangular as well. Both shapes, square or rectangular, offer brilliance, beauty, and flair in one of today's most popular cuts. If you prefer the square or rectangular shapes of an Asscher or emerald cut but want the fire and scintillation of a brilliant cut, the princess cut diamond is for you.

Length-to-Width Ratio for Princess-cut Diamonds: